Monday, February 13, 2017

The Found

On the Eve of Saint Valentine's Day, an all encompassing Love caught my sister and held tight.  Her last act nine years ago would have plunged her straight to the depths of hell if actions were the determining factors of one's eternal abode.  But, she was His. And once you belong, you belong forever.

There is no end to being a child of God.  The Son's arms open wide on a wooden cross opened the Father's arms open wide, beckoning ragamuffins to come into perfect intimacy thanks to the perfect substitution.  She ran into that embrace and found herself part of a new kingdom.

I will never endorse her final actions, but I will forever endorse her Savior who continued to hold her as she floundered in a sea of foamy self loathing the enemy had plunged her into.

{You are loved.  Yes, you.}

I will miss Kiley for all of my earthly days.  One day, in a blink, our relationship will be restored because of the Blood.  The blood of Jesus covered her final sin just as it covers my daily sins.  There is a fountain filled with blood and I will daily swim in it, even if only in my mind, for the remembering beckons my true identity, my single source of hope and joy. Are you washed in the blood?

Grace poured out on February 13, 2008.  This day will forever be bittersweet as I traded my beloved sister for a better grasp of what grace is really all about.  I'll forever rest in this:  she was not the lost; she was the found.