Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Act of Creating Through Photography

Yesterday, my beautiful sister in law, Kelli, penned these words about how creating can be an act of worship.  Personally, I resonate.  Sometimes, I have such a desire to create something, that it almost consumes me.  I tend to find release in writing and photography.

Yesterday, my nephew, Sloan asked me how I got so good at photography.  I told him it was because of a prayer I prayed a long time ago. "Lord, help me see people the way you do.  Help me capture the essence of each person that reflects your glory."  When I hold up my lens, I pray that I would get a glimpse of how each person looks like their Creator.  Sometimes it is the laughter in a child's eyes.  Other times it is the strong bond between a father and daughter. And at other points it is the absolute purity of a four day old baby. 

In photography, I aim to create a glimpse of the beauty that has already been created. Like this.

Strong emotions rise up in me when I see this picture.  I see the mystery of baby Annika, knit perfectly, wrapped in her mother's womb.  Wonder consumes me as I try to picture what God has created her to be.  I see the lovely and yet fierce protection of a mother. I can taste the desire to protect your young against anything evil.  And, finally, I see a God who is tender. He cradles us all just as Kelli cradles her baby girl.

In photography, I desire to create small glimpses of just who the ultimate Creator is.

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