Monday, April 13, 2015


The name has stuck.  We can't seem to stop calling him Squishy.  I can imagine him at the plate, getting ready to bat and his batty parents and brothers are saying, "Let's go, Squish!"  Poor kid.  You just never know what nicknames are going to be the right fit.  He definitely fits the bill, though.

I tried to take a few shots and I got totally cheese Asher.  The one that won't look at me or tries to blow bubbles at me.  Fun age, I tell ya.  These are the ones that make me work for my money!

He is super fun, though!  Little man starting emulating his brothers and no longer calls us Momma and Dadda.  We are now Mom and Dad, thanks a lot.  I was hoping for a couple more years of Momma, and now it is gone forever.  Sob Fest 2015.

Trying to get this kid to eat meat and eggs is killing me.  We are about to go hard core round these parts.  You eat the meat and eggs, fella, or you wait til the next meal.  There are delicious varieties of protein other than yogurt and cheese little pint sized dictator.

You guys, I have raised three other boys and I am telling you, even though I have a few tricks up my sleeve by this point, I still think toddlers are hard!  Give me a newborn any ol' day!  You should have seen the standoff at the corral today. Power struggle at its finest.  Score 1 for Daddy (I mean, Dad.)  Score 0 for Asher. 

A little couch time (one on one time between Mom and Dad where he can watch us and not be allowed to interrupt) and a little wrestling with Dad should help matters greatly.

Whew. Didn't mean to go off on the toddler tyrants, but it is the season.

Let me tell you though, this boy is so lovable!  He loves going shopping and telling everyone "bye" that he comes into contact with.  And he doesn't just whisper it, either.  He is not afraid to own his goodbyes and expresses himself with gusto!

We are trying to learn to "color" but it is more fun to taste the crayons and break them.  Yep, he's a boy.

His personality is really his own!  He is extremely observant and notices things.  He likes order and throws away trash that is laying around.  He helps pick up toys because I think he enjoys things being in the right place.  While dropping of the kids at school, he yells at them and points to their lunches to make sure they don't forget them! 

He is also pretty outgoing and personable with people.  He loves to laugh and will start laughing if anyone else is.  He LOVES those brothers!!!

He knows how to pick a basketball bracket.  He won out of our family this year by picking particular stuffed animals.

Today, I was at the doctor for a check up and I had to update some information.  I had to list all my babies' names and delivery dates. 

September...Sam in heaven/miscarried

I had to pause and praise God that He came into the ache of that miscarriage and didn't leave me in that place.  He brought about healing and eventually, a baby born in the newness of spring that brought a restoration of joy.  The last blank was this:


All my five babies right there in the span of a few inches of paper. But, forever imprinted on my heart.

I am one blessed Momma

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