Saturday, June 27, 2015

17 years {marriage}

Happy seventeen to us!  Hand in hand we have walked.  I have only hit Eric once in seventeen years and that is while I was dreaming and deep in sleep.  ha!  He is the lighthouse pointing to truth when Satan twists things just enough for me to stop and ask, "which way?" He is my rock and shield.  My laughter.  Unlike me, He isn't afraid to get things out in the open and deal with them.  He is my discernment.  He is the one who shows me God. When I bottle everything up, he is my exhale.

I am blessed.

Marriage is hard (sin made every single relationship harder than necessary.) But, marriage is also a beautiful portrayal of Christ and His bride.  Marriage is a picture of the gospel.  In a Godly marriage, we can visually see Christ laying down His life for His beloved.  The climax of grace is when Christ loved his church so deeply that he gave himself up for her on a wooden cross. "Christ knew He would have to pay for His bride with His own blood." (Piper) Like the cross, every marriage will be marked with awe struck wonder and excruciating wounds.

Every anniversary allows us to pause and remember our vows and the grace that has enabled us to keep them. God holds our individual souls and our joint covenant bond of unity. We worship Him for bringing us together and keeping us along the way. 

John Piper says, "The world cannot know what marriage is without learning it from God."  Marriage exists to display God to a world in need of sight.

Happy 17th, babe! I'll love ya for always.

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