Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Lost Art of Meekness

To be meek is not to be weak

It is strength under pressure

It is not denying anger

It is controlling anger

Relinquishing to the One who can offer change



To be meek is to lower oneself




We always must come back to this word, humble

Pliable in God's hand



Lambs but not stupid beasts

Mild but not ignorant

Submissive to Christ but not blind

{Meekness is going to sit under your shade tree instead of lashing out at your wife.  It's giving your anger over to the Only One who can change her heart and then going back inside, filled with the love of a relentless and patient God.}

The meek are the strongest people on earth

The meek are satisfied with God being God

The meek are content

The meek surrender their own roar to the Roar of the Lion

The meek possess

The meek wait

and wait

and wait

The meek cast their votes and wait in anticipation of what a Holy, Just, and Merciful God will do with the collection

The meek refuse to be impatient

refuse to fret

refuse to worry

The meek forgive

The meek seek peace

The meek are promised an increase of joy

"The meek in spirit are like a photographer's sensitive plates, and as the Word of God passes before them, they desire to have its image imprinted upon their hearts.  Their hearts are like the fleshy tablets on which the mind of God is recorded; God is the Writer, and they become living epistles, written, not with ink, but with the finger of the Living God."  Spurgeon

Blessed are the Meek

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