Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Walking, walking, everyone walking. When I think of all the current walks, I am reminded of one particular walk on the dusty road that led upward to a hill, a location literally known as, "the place of the skull."

This God-Man named Jesus was without sin. He is the only One who has ever walked a sinless path, with complete focus on His Father's will. Not a single ounce of self entered the walk to Golgotha, only a completely surrendered heart to His Abba.

Talk about someone who had rights. The Son of God wrapped in flesh could have called down legions of angels to stop the madness: the impending asphyxiation of the very Creator who had breathed life into His enemies. Talk about irony. Yes, this One had the right.

But, Kenosis.

The Greek word that stops me in my tracks every single time and reminds me of how little I resemble my Savior. He let go of His rights and clothed Himself in something much bigger: a love for a Father and a love for a people gone astray.


Christ's walk to Calvary was one where He emptied Himself. Made Himself nothing. I'm trying to let that sink in as I see the current day walks.

Give me grace to walk like You did, Jesus.

To walk humbly with my God.

To empty my desires and offer my brokenness to a beautiful, Divine will.

To take up my cross daily and go outside the gates.

Teach me how to walk like this, Lord.



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