Monday, July 29, 2013

Asher {3 months}

Pure joy, this boy is.  I call him my latter rain.  He has filled up so many of the deep trenches that death and grief carved out of this heart.  God gives and God takes away.  I will forever praise Him for giving us Asher Tate...our double portion of joy!
I can hardly believe he is three months today!  He even rolled over!!!!!!  I came out of the shower, and he had flipped from tummy to back.  I asked each boy and Eric if they had flipped him, but nope, Asher did it himself! 
He is totally into his hands and therefore, scratching his face and us, too!  I clip his nails constantly and today I broke out the file to soften those puppies down!
He is consistently going to bed around 9:30 and sleeping anywhere from 5-7.  Pretty much love him for that.  I need sleep in my old age!
I love how each boy interacts with him.  Cade talks to him, carries him upright when he is fussy, and helps me load and unload all the baby gear when we go somewhere.  Eli gives him "bubba love," absolutely can't stand it when he cries or fusses (thereby rescuing him often) and loves to talk to him.  He really misses him when he is away at soccer this or soccer that.  Sam still kisses him incessantly on the head (like every single time he sees him,) tells him "Nationwide is on your side" or some other hilarious saying, and loves to be the one to take off his diaper (so he can see all the gross poo inside!) Having a fourth boy with three older siblings has really been fun. I think Asher will make Cade, Eli, and Sam really great fathers one day! 
Asher loves to sing and coo and make me smile all over myself.  These three months have been more than I could have ever asked for.


Leslie said...

I love him! I'm so happy for you!-L

Anonymous said...

Love seeing these pictures and hearing about the boys interacting with him. Thanks for sharing!