Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Good Ol' Dog Days

I am pretty sure they are here, those dog days of summer. I knew this when I got in my car, trying to find a breath amidst the stifling air.  The thermostat thing-a-ma-jig told me it was 102.  It does not lie.

Speaking of hot air, I just might be going to hell in a hand basket.  2 shakes in 2 days.  Yesterday, a Sonic Pineapple, today, a Chick-Fil-A  Cookies and Cream.  I felt just a tad guilty, but it didn't stop me from slurping up those delicious empty calories like it was nobody's business.

Enter Pilates.  I did that today.  Which means I can keep eating one shake per day, right?

Have I told you there is this nice little sitting room off of the master bedroom?  It pretty much sealed the deal when we looked at the house.  I knew I would need a "girl cave" with all the testosterone I am about to be swimming through.  1 man plus 4 boys against little ol' estrogen filled me.  That girl cave just might be my ticket to sanity.

I have taken up reading again.  Any good books out there you can recommend?  Sweet Momma gave me a huge amazon gift card, which is way too fun when you break out the Kindle.  Hitting "buy now" never felt so good when you know it is free!  Now, don't send me some book ideas that require me to use my brain.  Dog days, people.  I need simple.  The heat is killing off brain cells as I type.

I am pretty sure every July 11th, I am ready to chop off the mane.  It is the realization that summer is just getting roaring and the sweat on my neck tells me I am stupid to keep this mass of heat around for no good reason.

Speaking of hair, little Asher is losing it like crazy.  He can lay on my lap and leave a dark trail behind.  I have to constantly wash his sheets so he doesn't suck up all his hair.  Makes me sad.  But, he is keeping the mullet.  All good southern boys should.

The middles (Eli and Sam) went to VBS this week.  They made a cool cross with red tissue paper blotted all over it.  I asked Sam if the red tissue paper was the blood of Jesus.  He looked at me like I had lost my mind and said, "Ummm, no. It is just paper."

Speaking of blood and Sam, he got a shot yesterday.  As soon as that needle left his arm, he stared at the nurse and said, "I think you just messed up my brain!"  Come to find out, he is in the 92 percentile in both height and weight.  Gonna have a giant on our hands for sure.

Eli is doing all things soccer.  Apparently, soccer didn't get my mommy memo that she requires just one month off from all things sports. 

Just one month??  Pretty please!

Cade is into matching all of his athletic outfits.  He saves his money so he can buy the top three brands that for whatever reason, have made his cool list.  Nike, Under Armour, and Reebok.  He now mows our lawn, so I guess he can spend that hard earned moolah however he wants.

And, no, we don't pay our kids for everything they do around the house.  Just mowing.  We will use child labor for as long as we can milk it.  Seems to me that is 18 more years!

Well, I am still sweating.  Carrying around the hot milk jugs all day probably contributes to that.

Or, maybe it is just the Dog Days...


Leslie said...

I smiled and laughed all the way through this one. =)
Miss you, friend!

Kelli said...

I liked everything about this post. Made me smile and made me miss you. I expect to spend a good deal of time in that awesome house of yours snuggling my nephew in a couple of weeks. We can put all six kids to work however we need to. ;)

Jena said...

I feel like you pulled this post out if my head especially the milk shakes and milk jugs--ha! Asher is beautiful by the way!