Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Day in the Life...

It's good to know that sweet sugar is growing just fine!  He measures at 65% in both height and weight.  We knew he was a little above average because he wears mostly 9 month clothing.  Man, he had to get shots this morning and that never gets easier on a momma's matter how many kids you have!

Things I want to remember during this sweet phase!
*His head nestled under my chin after his early morning feeding
*sucking his thumb
*starting to curl up with a blanket
*starting to sleep in more than one position...comforting himself
*arching his back and screaming when I put him in his carseat...he hates it
*eating rice cereal...Sam telling him it would go down easier if he pretended it was chocolate
*the ability to blow out a diaper like no other
*"Swimming" in the sink during bathtime by throwing his head strong!
*putting him on his playmat, he doing 360's or coming off of it altogether...a mover!
*wearing 9 mo clothes
*new hair growth that sometimes looks blond and sometimes dark
*the de ja vu feeling that I am holding Eli
*double chin
*wrapping him in his fluffy white towel after bath and rocking and singing
*listening to hymns and lullabies together
*laughing out loud...for longer periods of time
*sitting in high chair watching brothers eat
*fussy time from 7-8 pm, only wants to be held while you stand up
*how much the boys adore him and never tire of him
*Sam opening his diapers to see what is inside, then jumping back!
*still sleeping next to me in bassinet at night...I can't help it
*hates to burp or take a break while eating
*huge blue eyes
*crooked grin that can break into a full grin
*fat legs and bootie
*his smell....after bath smell...mmmm
*his grin when I get him up after naps
*how he has blessed our souls in so many ways

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