Saturday, September 28, 2013

Asher {5 months!!!}

Tator Tate will be 5 whole months tomorrow.
I love all of his new tricks,
but can time go a little bit slower?
*He is eating rice cereal! I feel like he is American Ninja Warrior while he eats.  He gets his hands and legs moving as fast as possible.  Maybe he thinks the faster he moves, the faster I can shovel the food into his mouth.  Let's just say when he kicked the bowl out of my hands, the dog thought rice cereal was tasty.
*Speaking of the dog, she doesn't mind licking poop off his clothes, either.  gross.  so gross.
*Asher is starting to laugh more consecutively...he gets tickled and starts laughing, so cute!
*He is a people person for sure.  He doesn't want to sleep when we have company over. (Reminds us of Eli!) He also screams in the backseat of the car during the pick up line.  As soon as Sam gets in, he is fine. 
*He smiles and laughs until I hold the camera in his face.  Then it stops completely.  Rats, he hates the camera already.
*He wears size 3 diapers already and still manages to pee through them during the night.
*He is a roller!  We definitely have to be careful where we lay him.
*He loves to take walks...especially at night when he is fussy.
*He wore his first pair of jeans today.
*He likes the bumbo (not to be confused with a bimbo) he is borrowing.
*He has chameleon hair.  It can look dark brown, light brown, blonde, and even strawberry blonde depending on the light!
*He wears mostly 9 month clothing.
*I can sometimes count four chins on mr. squishy!  I have to really work hard at getting his neckline clean!
*Sometimes he favors me and Eli in the eyes and other times, he looks identical to the Stuart side.
*I am pretty sure all of us would say we wouldn't know what to do without the little fella.  So glad God gave him to our family!


Leslie said...

That is a CUTE baby!!

Anonymous said...

What a precious baby boy! Just love him. :)