Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Yellow Room

A girl's bedroom.  Such a world!  I will reflect on the bedroom I had while growing up on Bridgewater Lane.  These first two pics weren't at this house, but they have the right toy chest and bedding so I had to include these!  I remember yellow floral wallpaper, and yellow and white gingham bedding to go with my white bed.  I loved the toy chest that held all my toys!  The walls had praying little kids framed in yellow.  It was such a happy room.  I had it all too myself until Kiley was old enough to move her crib right in.  I am pretty sure they were afraid she would keep me up with all her screaming fits, but I don't recall ever missing sleep due to her antics! 

I can remember getting ready while it was still dark outside, wondering if it was going to be cold as we walked to the bus. I remember laying in bed the night before Christmas, totally wishing morning would get here already!  I would sneak out of bed and lay at the door frame of the threshold, wishing the shut door wasn't between me and all the presents I wish I could see my parents getting out of hiding.  The next morning finally came, and my parents would let me out, and I would smile ear to ear as I walked down the hall to see if Santa came or not.

I remember laying on my bed, reading Anne of Green Gables.  I remember sitting in my closet and entering the latest drama into my diary.  He loves me.  He loves me not.  I remember my sticker books full of puffy, glittery, and sweet smelling stickers! I remember writing down lyrics to goofy songs, some of which I can still sing today, ha!   I remember sobbing myself to sleep because what's-her-name at recess was mean to me once again. No reason to give out names because I am sure it was a different girl every year.  I hate girl drama.  {I love having boys!}

Now, I was the queen of Barbies.  I had the most awesome Barbie townhouse you could ever imagine! I had Barbie families and I played with them all. the. time.  I would dress the ladies in their best fashion gowns and whisk them away to the ball, then I would have them come home and throw their clothes into the fake washer and dryer. 

I loved dolls, too.  I had this one boy doll named Cody and I am pretty sure he was my most favorite doll ever.  He had thick blond hair and real baby boy parts...lol!!!  I also loved my Cabbage Patch dolls and my Barbie-head-on-a-stand.  Pretty sure that Barbie-head-on-a-stand gave me some mad makeup skills to use later on and land me a job with Merle Norman Cosmetics.

I remember feeling like a princess in that room.  Growing up is hard.  Sometimes I wish I could go back and be that little girl, full of dreams and innocence.  It was a time when yellow flowers danced on the walls, baby dolls rocked in my arms, and sweet sleep only alluded on Christmas Eve.

This is my first day of school, you guys.  Can you tell I have
never ever been a morning person?!  ha!

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