Friday, May 23, 2014

The School Year

Wow.  It has been a school year!  After much prayer, we moved all the kids into public education at the start of the year.  After even more prayer, we moved one of those back into Christian education at semester.  We used to say we decide things (where they go to school) year by year but now we are semester by semester!  HA! 

We're trying to be sensitive to the Spirit and see where each child will blossom and grow the most.  Not just their little minds, but their souls as well.  Eric and I see the benefits of home school, Christian private education, and public education.  Each one has beautiful things to offer.  We don't necessarily think any one of the options is better than the rest.  We are trying to simply let the Spirit lead year by year.  (Or semester by semester!)

That said, we have had a great year and I couldn't be more proud of how each child has excelled.  Now, bring on some summer.


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