Thursday, November 6, 2014

Asher {18 months}

Be still my heart.  He just makes me grin.  Except when he runs off with the remote or yanks all the Kleenex out of the box or puts his hand in his poop when I change his diaper.  I don't grin at those times...but the rest of the time he makes me smile all over myself.

Things I want to remember:

1.  Little pursed lips...instead of breaking into a smile, he gives us little pursed up lips like in the above photo.
2.  Sleeping from 7-7 plus a good 2 hour nap.
3.  Eating...a little more picky.  Meat is still tricky.  Loves to feed himself...especially sweet potatoes and French toast.
4.  Starting to "sing" a little bit...or must think I am crazy and he just tries to copy me.
5.  Gosh loves those brothers...loves to play "soccer" in the house with them.  (In the house, mind you!)
6. Braved his first all weekend soccer tournament in a different state...exhaustion but pure fun and good memory making.
7.  Starting to LOVE television.  Yep, he belongs to his daddy.
8. Still would rather read books than anything else.
9.  Bath time is the best time.  Sits there and plays til his lips are blue.
10.Says a lot of words:  dog, Ah-yah (Eli), Momma, Dada, birds (has some strange fetish for birds), book, drink (except it sounds like corn???), night night, bear, shoes, gocks (socks)...
11.  Really fast runner.  (or maybe I am getting slower?)
12. Loves Cade's overly huge stuffed panda bear "Jim"...likes to run full speed at him and jump on top of him.
13. Likes toddler least it keeps him happy in the car during pick up.
14.  Starting to give kisses on his own when we leave.
15.  Loves to steal Kleenex to blow his nose.
16.  Tries to put his hand down there when I change his poopy diaper...I am pretty sure he is trying to get a reaction out of me. It works.
17.  Uses sign language for simple things like all done and please.
18.  Loves to go bye bye and seems to enjoy being out and about. He likes Target. I am keeping him.
19.  A bit of a heart melter.
20. Really brings us joy and makes our family feel complete.

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Catherine said...

Such a cute little guy!