Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day '15

I don't always get to go home for Mother's Day, but when I do, it is a special treat.  I like to eat Mexican, my momma's potato salad, banana pudding, and shop til we all drop (or as much as a toddler will let us.)  I can't tell you what this woman means to me.  I bawl when I think about the heartache she has endured.  She keeps pressing on, knowing her hope is in Jesus.  She pins house ideas on pinterest but I think she is really just thinking about her heavenly home that waits.  Through the years, she has modeled to us all how to mother well and fight the fight.  (Neither of which are easy.) I am pretty sure her crown will be stuffed with jewels one day, but knowing her, she will just lay it back at her Savior's feet. You've done good, sweet Mom. Real good.

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