Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Delight {2015 word of the year}

2015 was the year of delight.  It wasn't a word I would have ever chosen for myself, but God made it clear in December 2014 that it was the right word.  On the fourth day of the new year, our sweet Herb/Papa died and left us without his contagious laugh and Godly counsel.  Knowing the signs of grief personally, I found them written on our hearts for much of the year.  Disbelief, a bit of anger that things could have been different, shock, depression, coping mechanisms, laziness, apathy, endless sleeping...the list goes on.  Even when you accept the good sovereignty of the Father, grief is still a hard pill to swallow. 

That's why when God dubbed 2015 the year of delight, I was a little taken back.  Looking over the year, it seemed fitting.

I focused on one verse regarding delight..."Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart."  I fought for sweet solace with the Savior, knowing only His presence would fill the ache and void.  When you are down, it is hard to really "desire" anything, but I still desired to "see" God.  So, while delighting in Him, I would pray that He would fill my desire to "see" more clearly.

He allowed me to "see" starting in the late summer in ways I never have.  I guess the best way to describe that is through images or word pictures.  The post about the dross in the ocean was one example of that.  Many of these images are tucked away, unclear as to what to do with them.  I haven't always liked the message God is telling me through them.  But, I do believe He has answered my prayer and allowed me see in ways I never have before.  There is delight to be found in that...another level of intimacy with the Father.

There were tangible expressions of delight throughout the year, as well.  We celebrated Cade going to National History Day and the family getting to tour D.C. together.  (We equally celebrated not having to drag the 2 year old along with us, thanks to BeBe!)  We celebrated Eli's soccer achievements and his team making it to Premier League.  We celebrated Sam and his musical talents seen at his guitar recital.  We celebrated Cade making the high school baseball team.  We celebrated the A's brought home by all, but even more, their souls that have remained in tact after a season of grief. Finally, we celebrated the writing group I became a part of, as well as the friendship, laughter, and encouragement it has provided.

2015 was a year where sorrow took delight by the hand and asked it to dance.  They always made the best partners, anyway. 

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