Thursday, December 22, 2016

Splatter of Grace {Remembering 2016}

I wrote considerably less in 2016, but I'm not ready to give up the old blog just yet.  It is a place for me to force myself to remember who God was to me each year.  Much of what He said this year was for my heart only (on pages and pages of countless journals.) I cherish a God who wants intimacy with each one of us. I still love writing and I love that it can morph into something different from year to year.  2016 was hard in many ways.  Maybe you, too?  This is my splattering of grace amidst the confusion and hardship.  Perhaps some of these words will meet you where you are.  I hope you know how much I treasure you, dear reader.  My blog isn't fancy.  I'm not well known.  I am perfectly content with that. I hope it is simply a place where you can see Jesus a little more clearly.  I pray blessings over you in 2017, that Jesus would meet you where you are and breathe for you when all air escapes. I pray He is your joy and delight and daily bread and shoulder to cry on and chest to beat against. I pray He is your all.

Some things I hope will stay with me forever...


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