Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ruin (for the Glory of God)

Just like Israel in Jeremiah's time, we, the people of America, have committed two sins:  1.  We have forsaken Yahweh, the fountain of living water.  2.  We have dug out cisterns for ourselves that are broken and incapable of holding water. (See Jeremiah 2)

In Palestine, there were three sources of water that went from freshest to nastiest.  These were:
1.  Fresh running water that flowed from a spring that was actually called "living water."
2.  Ground water like from a well.
3.  Runoff water that was collected in cisterns.  Cisterns were pits hewn into limestone and plastered to prevent seepage.  Of course, the pits also collected silt and mosquito larvae because the water was stagnant.

(The above info is from my ESV study bible.)

We have traded the best for the worst, except we are worse off than we thought because our cisterns are broken.  The water has leaked out and all we have to show for it is silt and mosquito infestations.

We aren't just an ungrateful people, we are a foolish people.  We have spit out our living water and are absolutely dying of thirst. We are in desperate need of wisdom, protection, and peace. We are dying as a nation.

In the book of Judges, we find something called the sin cycle.  First, the Israelites would do what was evil in God's sight.  Second, God would allow them to be conquered and oppressed by an enemy.  Third, the people would cry out to God. And fourth, God would send a judge to deliver them.  So, the cycle was:  Apostasy, Servitude, Supplication, and Salvation.

They repeated this cycle for years and years. It proves just how longsuffering our God is.

We Americans are obviously in the apostasy phase.  Apostasy in Hebrew is "meshubah" and means "turning back."  We have abandoned God, revolted against God, been unfaithful to God, and spit on God.

God doesn't have to deal with other nations like He did with His set-apart nation of Israel.  He sets up kingdoms and wipes out kingdoms, whatever brings Him glory.  But, let's just say that God wanted to deal with America like He did Israel.  The next phase is servitude.

That is hard to write and even harder to wrap my brain around.  I have been free my whole 39 years.  I can't even imagine another people group ruling over me or stealing all my food like in Gideon's day.  I can't imagine being denied the freedom to worship in public as I please.

Oh, how we have taken our freedoms for granted. 

I've thought a lot about Nebuchadnezzar and God pouring His mercy out on this pagan King.  God put him in a season of wilderness training where for SEVEN years, the king ate grass like an ox.  He went on like this until he recognized that Yahweh alone is the Most High God.

What if we prayed for that kind of mercy on our land....that God would do whatever it takes to allow evil people to humbly lift their eyes to heaven and worship the Most High?  He is able to humble the evil.  The worst case scenario in our land right now is that God would leave us to ourselves.

We desperately need an intervention, even if it looks like severe mercy.

What if it is the second phase of the sin cycle that will open our land's eyes to KNOWING that Yahweh is the LORD?  What if FOREIGN INVASION is what brings repentance?  What if God giving us over to our enemies is what brings HIM the MOST GLORY?

When God spoke my word for 2016 back in December of 2015, I could hardly believe Him.  He knew I was flabbergasted and gave me repeated scripture as confirmation.  He was very clear and told me that America would be brought to RUIN in 2016.  All I have to do is take a peak at our Presidential candidates and know that He was not kidding one bit.

I'm telling you, tears are falling right now because I love being an American.  I love our land, liberty, and life.  I want so desperately for our boys to grow up with the same freedoms.  But, I have got to remember first and foremost, I am a citizen of Heaven; I belong to Christ's Kingdom above all else.  It is the only kingdom that will never fade.  I must hold America, my beloved nation, with a loose hand, and ask God to show me the bigger picture.

The Glory of GOD is always the bigger picture.

Make Yourself known, Jehovah Sabaoth. If you give us over to our enemies, then give us glimpses of Your glory along the way. If you don't hand us over, then please bring about repentance through another avenue.

In Isaiah 6, God tells the prophet to speak truth, even though the truth would fall on deaf ears, blind eyes, and dull hearts until the day that RUIN overtakes them.  Perhaps ruin is mercy if it allows ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to understand.

Don't leave us to ourselves, Lord.  Step down in mercy as we surrender our definition of what that mercy should look like.

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