Tuesday, October 4, 2016

a new season

{written on 10/1.}

He breathed into her.  He bent down and kissed the ditch dweller and made her royal…made her His very own.  He cleaned her up, washed her outside and scrubbed her innards…innards white-washed with His own blood.  How red turns black into white, she will never comprehend; it is the swirling art of grace.

She is new in His sight.  She beholds His face as He breathes out, the fog waltzing through the landscape.  She hears His laughter as the sun rises like a rose on fire.  She closes her eyes and listens to the still small voice, “It is time.”  The season of summer obediently exits and fall takes the stage.  The leaves tumble, the air crisps, the pumpkins orange right up, and the hues beckon her outside to behold a creation in servitude to its Creator.

She ponders, “Why doesn’t everyone want to worship the Rescuer?”  He gives sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf.  He raises the dead straight up, calling decayed bones alive.  He colors her story with more Crayola crayons than can be found in the highest count box.


{She pauses and a tear seeps.}


She weeps at the loss of her friend, the fellow-worshiper.  She presses hard into Rescuer’s chest, not doubting His goodness, but simply not understanding His ways.  The worshiper was still needed here on her planet, at least it seemed that way when she peered into the eyes of his children left behind.

She’s been down this path of questioning and heart-carving before.  She knows surrender puts her in the circle of quiet where sovereignty is shockingly sufficient.  So, she does just that.  She inhales God and exhales her right to know.  Praise erupts as she visualizes her fellow-worshiper at the feet of Rescuer.

The new season is here.  She asks Rescuer to take her hand and allow her to walk so closely to Him that her footsteps start to mirror His own.  “Make me like You,” she timidly whispers.  He throws His head back in sheer bliss, His grin bigger than heaven’s expanse.  She knows down deep, where her spirit makes itself at home, that this is one prayer He will delight in satisfying.

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