Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Famine for the Word of God

The lie is that the only way to love fully is to exclude the truth.  The lie is that love is love, but it cancels the need for a love so great that the Love laid down His life to cancel the sin.

Satan is crafty, an angel of light is how he manifests himself.  Don't be fooled, he will come in "love," but it won't be the same definition of love that dances across God's holy pages.  It will come as a love void of any need for truth or holiness or repentance.  It will be all-inclusive without any need for heart surgery and heart change.

Don't be fooled.  We are in a famine.  A famine of hearing the Word of God.  A famine of knowing the Word of God for ourselves.

Today, I sense more than any other time in my whole life, the desperation of the hour.  We absolutely must know what God's Word says.

We have a beautiful, gentle, and comforting teacher.  He is the Holy Spirit and He is amazing at making sure all the glory goes to the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  I believe the Holy Spirit delights in showing us truth.  Wisdom is ours for the asking.  Let's dig into the Word and see the heartbeat of God.

Grace allows us to repent.  Grace never excuses us from the need for repentance.  Grace makes us poor in spirit as it shows us our spiritual bankruptcy.  Grace pays the debt and makes us co-heirs with Christ.  Grace calls us to a new standard, "Go, and sin no more."

As Jesus walks across the gospels, we see Him heal.  Love the outcast.  Reveal the Father.  Calm Storms.  Rebuke demons.  Feed thousands.  He is compassion on a mission.

But, Jesus said he is also bringing a sword of division.  He said we are not worthy of Him if we love our father, mother, son, or daughter more than Him.  He said we have a cross to carry.  He even declares woe to particular cities "because they did not repent."  He pronounces them miserable and says judgment is inevitable.  Christ wanted so badly to break their hearts from sin, but instead, he was the one that walked away heart broken.

A gospel that is just love with no repentance is the enemy's gospel.  Christianity that worships the Lamb but not the Lion is only half correct in its theology.

You have to have the Holy Roar of the Lion before you need the tender sacrifice of the Lamb.  God never (ever-ever) accepts sin in a person.  Instead, He covers it by the blood of His One and Only.

Lord, we have lost sight of Who you are.
Feed us, Lord.
We are in a famine, and we are begging you to reach down and feed us.

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