Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nine years. {Goodbye.}

I'm telling Moop and Saba goodbye.  Well, for now, anyway, because I can hardly stand goodbyes.  My great Grandpa Pitts would never tell us goodbye; it was more of, "til I see you again."  I guess the hatred of goodbyes runs deep in my generational line.  I have a new site I want to write at and I'll tell you a little about it at the end of this.

This little corner of the world has been such a safe haven for me: jotting down hilarious things growing boys have said, pounding out my grief against the keyboard, starting my photography journey, and writing down what stood out in the Word.  Thanks for being with me these nine years. To me, it has felt like you shared my heart (whether in glee or mourning) and I'm forever grateful.

Some of my most read posts were these about Kiley, one about Herb, and one about marriage. Truth is eternal and they still ring true.  God is in the wilderness.  There is power in prayer, even when the outcome isn't what you desired. And saba.  I should tell you that when I started this blog, I picked words that my toddler kids were saying:  "moop" was milk and "saba" was excuse me.  Little did I know that the Hebrew word for "saba" is satisfied.  Nine years of Jesus stooping down, interceding on my behalf, and gently satisfying me along the way.  Sometimes we don't know the end from the beginning, or we think something means one thing, and He expounds on it totally.  Let Him write all over your story.  He satisfies.

Three of the most read posts...

Seven years after losing my sister.

The Kingdom of Heaven, Hand in Hand.

Marriage in the Wilderness.

I wanted a fresh space, so I created a blog where the end goal will be worship through writing.  I hope to write more on what I'm learning in the Word and even dabble some in memoir work.  If I know anything about our sweet Jesus, He will continue to satisfy over there, as well.

Please, join me at Fresh Wine.

{thanks for sharing this little space with me all these years. big hugs.}




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