Friday, July 15, 2011

61 years.

Today, my Nana and Grandad have been married 61 years!  I am so thankful for the heritage of faithfulness that they have laid out for the rest of us.  My Grandad is one of the most gentle, patient, kind souls I have ever met.  My Nana is full of spunk and I laugh because she speaks what is on her mind.  They go together like white on rice;  Billy Graham and quiet times.  I simply can't imagine one without the other. 

I loved going to their house when I was younger.  I would curl up on the big chair with my root beer float and we would always watch "Wheel of Fortune."  They always treated me with love, taking me on trips to Tennessee Walking horse shows and Disneyland.  We always drove.  With my propensity towards getting car sick and also being full aware of the fact that my Nana had threatened my life if I threw up in her car, when the nausea hit all the sudden on one trip, I leaned over, yanked her blouse open, and threw up inside of her shirt.  This was back in the day when I could sit up front in between them.  Apparently, I figured she would wash up easier than her car. 

My grandparents were lookers in their day!  They are still pretty cute, though, right? 

happy anniversary!

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