Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Coconut Experiment

All summer long, Eli has been begging me to buy a coconut.  So, we did!  

 First, you need to grab a hammer and a nail so that you can pierce the end and drain some of the coconut milk out.

 Then, the fun part comes!  I took the boys outside to the concrete and told them to bang away.  We let the youngest start, so that he would have a turn before the bigger ones got it cracked.
 Eli got it figured out and we had to yank it away from him so that Cade would have a chance to pound at it.

 And then it goes flying into two pieces, which is great fun! 
This is what you are left with!

 Pretty isn't it?
After we got it cracked, we went back inside to see about eating it.  I am telling you, that pulp/fruit is tougher than it looks!  We stripped enough to each get a couple of bites.  The  boys thought it tasted just like an almond joy...except not quite as good!  It isn't near as sweet as bagged and ready flaked coconut, but it was fun to see what the "real deal" would be like!  Eli wants to try a pomegranate next.  Sounds fun to me!

Note to self:  Next time I need to relieve some stress, just go buy a coconut and start pounding away on the concrete. 

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