Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Sam

hooray!  you are finally 6 years old!
you have been waiting for this day for a whole year.

you captured my heart from the moment I saw that pregnancy test turn positive
I can't imagine our family without you

{strong and courageous
bold and silly
dramatic and lover of girls
giver of great hugs
builder of towers
favorite youngest brother
momma's baby boy
daddy's good looks
tender heart that longs to be known
bold prayers for your heart's desires
I wouldn't have created you any. other. way.}


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!!
Your grandfather sure enjoied having lunch with you and your Mom yesterday! And he said "you" picked a great place to eat.
Hope you enjoy spending the "two" dollars he gave you :)
We love you,
Mim and Sir

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday sweet Sam! We love you!!!

Kim said...

Tell him Happy Birthday for us! He's a doll! BTW, thanks for the prayers for Anna. She's sooo much better.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday SAM!