Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The In-Between

I started the Beth Moore Bible study on the life of David.  It was the only study of hers that I haven't done, so I was so excited that our church was offering it.  For whatever reason, I have never really been compelled to study David...which is terribly awful of me, since he is, you know, a man after God's own heart.  You'd think I'd be all over that character like white on rice.

God's been talking to me some about the in-between of life.  I guess while reading about young shepherd boy David being anointed King, it kind of hit me:  he went straight back to tending sheep as if nothing at all had changed.  He wasn't going to become King right away, so he did the next best thing:  take care of what God had already entrusted to him.  In his case, sheep. 

Truth is, the anointing and promise was to help prepare David for what lay ahead.  He needed to keep tending sheep so that he would know how to soon tend after a nation with care and strength. 

But, those years of waiting.  What on earth was going through David's mind?

Have you been anointed for something?  Has God given you a promise?  Does the realization of it seem far off?  What do we do with the in-between...the moments of confusion that lie between the promise and the actualization? 

I have found that God is often silent during these times.  It seems to be the time when I want Him to speak the loudest and in His silence, He seems to be telling me that He wants me to exercise my faith by simply believing what He has already spoken. 

And keep waiting...

I hate the waiting part.  But, the waiting is what enlarges me.  Enlarges my faith.  Forces me to once again curl up in my Father's lap and trust.  Trust seems so easy when He speaks a word over us.  Yes, Lord, I'll take it right now, thank you very much.  But, there is always purpose in the waiting.  The waiting itself seems to provide another journey of increasing trust in the Sovereign One.

How does God deal with you during the in-between?


Savannah B said...

It always seems that the words God gives *you* go straight to *my* heart. Every time.
I am in a waiting space, and I feel like I'm being called to do something for Him before He wants me to do something for me. I am prayerfully trying to find out WHAT!

Ps- there is a really cool trilogy called, something about the Wilderking. In fact, it might just be called the Wilderking Trilogy. It's a thinly veiled story of David, and my Boy and I *loved* it. The first book is called The Bark of the Bog Owl. I think each of your boys would enjoy it, and it's a fun read-aloud book, too.

Miss you, love you friend.

blessedpath said...

Okay, you have me in tears right now Becke!! This is what I am going thru right now. WAITING!! He has spoken thru you, reminding me why He is silent right now when, yes, i want him to YELL LOUDLY more than any other time in my life. This waiting IS so hard, but yes, my faith is being strenghed.....ugh, but i hate the waiting... hope you have a great day. I am back to bloging for the most part and look forward to catching up on your blog!! Carol