Sunday, January 27, 2013

26 weeks down, 14-ish to go!

Little mister is all about movement these days!  The other day at Cade's ballgame, I thought he was going to punch right through my side.  I can tell his hearing is getting more developed...the more loud it is, the busier he gets! 

26 week stats: 
*Asher is somewhere around 2 pounds and about 14 inches long.  Time to fatten this sweet boy up! {Wish he would suck it right off my thighs!}

*Asher's eyelids start to open this week!

*Asher's hearing should be fully is even possible that he can move to the rhythm of music!

*Asher is taking tiny breaths/swallows of fluid that make his lungs start to practice breathing...this is simply of God because he still only gets his oxygen from the umbilical cord and my circulation. God is preparing him for something that he has no need of yet...amazing.

26 weeks stats for me:
* I can't stop crying.  I am so dad-gum emotional with this pregnancy.  Maybe they have all been like that, but this one seems worse. It is hard to walk by faith and also live in what is real when everything seems to be clouded by emotions and hormones.

*I seem to be right on track gaining what I have gained with all the others...I guess this is good...I was expecting to gain a ton more since I am older.

*I don't have a lot of cravings anymore, but I must say the pecan pancakes are mighty delish at Cracker Barrell.  I do love meat still, but I don't feel like I am going to start World War 3 if it doesn't make a fast appearance.  I am feeling full so much faster and feel bloated for awhile after I room in the inn!

*A lot of symptoms have been heightened with this pregnancy...hello indigestion.  Sometimes when I lay down at night, acid starts to creep up into my throat.  Grody!

*My SI joint was acting up, but seems to be settling back into place for now.  I also have started having Braxton Hicks contractions when I go grocery shopping. 

*I found a cute maternity tank top at old navy for only $.49!!! 

*I don't really need naps, but that doesn't keep me from going to bed early if I can!

*I am so so so thankful to be pregnant during the months I am...and not have to go through the HOT summer!!!

*I am still sleeping really well...and so thankful for that, too!

*The stretching pains in the upper rib area are about to do me in!

Asher's new things!
* a Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag in backpack style (hoping to save my neck muscles!)  These usually retail for a TON of money, but God made a way for me to have a brand new one for way more than half thankful!

*a car seat and stroller!
 I have had my eye on this one for awhile and it finally went on sale, yay!

Well, at least we know we can bring him home from the hospital now!


Amelia said...

Loved reading all of this! Fun times!

Amelia said...

Loved reading all of this! Fun times!