Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eli's 10th bday

{This post is a little late, hey I am preggers!}
Ten years.  The same number that you entered the world ten years ago.  I can hardly believe it goes so fast.  My Dad always warned me that it would...and that it would even go more quickly the older I get.  I hate that he is right!
Eli, you have been the biggest blessing to our family. Just this year, I have seen how certain gifts from God are starting to mark you and become who you are.  I believe with all my heart that He has given you the gift of mercy.  In a house of boys, it is always you that seems to know if my heart is OK.  You are the first to recognize if I am not physically feeling well.  I see the compassion in your eyes and the longing in your sweet being to want to make everything better for others.  I can't wait to see how God uses this gift for His glory.
You simply have the eyes to see others...to see their needs and hurts...and you have the desire to make it right with them.  We praise God for you! 
For your party this year, we did it all boy-style with some dodge ball, relay races, win, lose or draw, cake, and basketball.  I think you all had the best time ever! You sported your Messi soccer jersey (your fave player) which Dad brought back for you from a recent business trip to Argentina.