Friday, February 22, 2013


I've said it before and I'll say it again, "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life" by Hannah Whitall Smith is simply a must-read for believers.  I read it the first time last year, then reread it the past couple of days.  I can't believe how much wealth of wisdom is in there for how to practically live a life of consecration/abandonment to God and also a life of faith. 

The book was written in the 1870's by a woman who had more than enough suffering in life (death of four children, a husband who had mental breakdowns and later was not faithful, a child who became an atheist and on and on.)  It seems appropriate that through all this struggle, the title of her final book was "God of all Comfort."

We will either look to Him during our trials or we won't.

One of my favorite concepts in the book is the idea of chariots.  It is always easier to put our trust in the earth's chariots because they are visible.  God's chariots are never visible unless we cry out for eyes to see them.  Remember Elisha and how he prayed that the Lord would open his servant's eyes to God's realm of the impending battle?  God did, and the servant saw God's army of horses and chariots of fire.  His whole perspective changed in that one moment of being able to see.

The thing is that God uses certain chariots that will carry us to victory that we would have never dreamed up.  He isn't afraid to use chariots that look like our enemies or suffering or trials or defeats or misunderstandings or disappointments.  These are the chariots that we are to mount upon and let God use as vehicles to take us to much needed triumph and victory in our faith walk.

If we refuse to mount them and see what God wants to do, we will allow them to roll over us and crush us completely.

Perhaps you have an annoying or bossy acquaintance.  What if this is the exact chariot that God wants to use in your life to produce patience and love?

Smith also speaks on how we can come to trust in earthly chariots more than God's chariots.  These things can even look good on the outside.  They can be friendships, bible studies, or even preachers...but if we are putting our trust and faith and reliance into these things more than God himself, they are idols.  Where do we turn first when we need help?

"We will mount the invisible chariot when our souls can say "He only"...when He's brought us to the place where all other refugees fail us."

Will you pray for eyes to see...and then hop out of the earth's chariots and into the one true chariot of God?

The next time I blog, I will try and share about what Smith says about the Kingdom of Heaven.  That topic is always so confusing to me and she breaks it down real Lulu-style.  I am so obliged!

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Bugs and Sunshine said...

it seems like the older books are filled with so much wisdom. i want to read this one someday!