Monday, February 11, 2013

Baby Asher {28 weeks!}

Dr. C asked if there was anything he could do for me today and I flat out asked if he could put a rush on the next 10-12 weeks!  He laughed and said he could quit his job if he could figure that one out.  I am telling you, I am so thankful for sweet baby Asher!  At the same time, I am so tired of having achy feet, a heavy abdomen, back aches, nightmares about bears (ha!), and inconsolable crying fits.  Despite mourning the loss of my sister, I have never cried so much in my life!  {And then I start laughing hysterically, cause it is ridiculous that I am crying!}  Gotta love those hormones!

I am asking God for some precious grace during these next 10-12 weeks.  (I am not due for 12 weeks, but 10 sounds so much more do-able for me!)  Soon, we will have three boys on three baseball teams and one of those boys on a soccer team, as well.  I know our evenings are about to get crazy, which makes me nervous since I am worn out physically and emotionally by then.  I asked God for some extra energy, some emotional stability, and some relief from pain these next weeks.  I know His grace will be sufficient.

Our house still isn't selling, but I am content with that right now.  It has been a nightmare trying to vacuum all the time and keep everything in perfect order.  Yesterday afternoon, a realtor and her clients showed up at the door ready to show the house.  I WAS ASLEEP IN BED!!! We never received a phone call to set that appointment up and I am telling you, it was all I could do to be gracious and not start cussing the world out.  {Hubs did treat me to a cherry limeaid, so despite the interrupted nap and the messy house that got shown anyway, it was all good.)

As far as not having a place for baby Asher, I seem to have settled down a bit.  If we turn our bed the other way, we can squeeze in a pack and play.  We can also convert the top of our dresser to a changing table.  I guess as long as I feed him, he won't care one bit!

We finally got in the stroller and infant car seat.  We got so tickled because it sat in the box forever.  Finally, we took a peek inside and asked each other if we were ready to put it together.  Naw, we laughed, and stuck it in the garage.  I guess with the 4th baby, you don't get quite as excited about baby things...but that doesn't mean we aren't tickled to death about what is going inside the stroller and car seat! 

Here is sweet Asher's face and his little cheeks that are filling out!  (Can you make out that little rounded cheek on the top?)  He weighs a whopping 2 pounds and 12 ounces!

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Bugs and Sunshine said...

Girl, no they didn't bust up knocking on your door during naptime. Shame on them! ha