Friday, October 4, 2013

New Skills

Asher Tate here.  I got skills.  Mad skills.  You see, I know the older peeps round these parts have been holding out on me.  I see a dog with a bushy tail that I would love to grab hold of.  I see those boys enter their bedrooms and I wonder what kind of treasures they are hiding.  Legos!  Hand over the legos!  I see the dog bowl full of water that would be perfect for splashing in.  You see, I got me some new skills that are gonna carry me far.  I can do the airplane and I can inch and I can get on all fours.  This is a game changer, people.  Let's see if those brothers still adore me in another month or two.  hee hee hee


Leslie said...

He is SO beautiful! He reminds me so much of your Eli! Just you wait! Once he's crawling you are going to be TIRED! I know because mine won't stay off the stairs!!!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

CUTEST baby ever!!!

What sweet pictures!!!!