Saturday, December 7, 2013

Asher (7 mos/A Day in the Life)

This fourth little one is loads of fun.  I still marvel at God's goodness in giving us another little guy to love on.  Asher is crawling everywhere!  He gets on his knees and I know he'll be trying to pull up sooner rather than later.  He absolutely loves to eat.  He will put away a bowl of cereal, a veggie, a fruit, and then stuff as many puffs as possible into his cute little face.  He has a slight obsession with our dog, Savannah, who is ever patient with him. 
He is sleeping very well...about 11 hours at night and great naps during the day.  He lights up whenever his brothers are around and I think he secretly prayed for this ice storm to hit so he could see them a little more!  He loves anything that can pass for a long as it rolls and he can chase it.
His favorite toy is "Squeaky" his little teether monkey.  He is fascinated at Cade's basketball games and loves the action and people-watching.  He wears mostly 12 month clothes and it breaks this momma's heart that he is growing so fast. 
He would live beside the Christmas tree if we would let him.  It is just so pretty and bright.
His disposition seems to remind me of Cade as a baby.  He seems to take it all in and be observant.  But, then he gets to laughing and reminds me of Eli.  And then again, he is laid back and that makes me think of Sam.  He is all of them and none of them.  He is simply Asher.

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