Saturday, December 21, 2013

His Face

I think of Him, the One who rescues and saves. I wonder what He looked like while walking on this earth as mere human and all-God, some strange miraculous concoction of Creator and created.  I think He must have been the most beautiful human, but I know I am biased; Isaiah proves me otherwise. What do you think Jesus looked like while on earth? 

Here is probably how I viewed him as a child
Here is how Eric sees him

Now that I am a mother, I probably see him like this

 Cade sees him as "Kili" in the Hobbit movie

When she was 8, prodigy painter Akiane saw him like this
 then she later painted him to look like this
But chances are, he might resemble this picture more than the rest...being Jewish and all. Have you ever thought of Jesus in this light?
I pray every year for something fresh to stand out at Christmas time.  This year, God wanted me to have a vision of Jesus walking on this earth before He took on my sin.  Perhaps he wasn't as attractive as we make him out to be.  Isaiah says he had no beauty in him that we should desire him.  But, I  know that once he took on my sin, he became an ugly creature. My sin made him that way.  It is humbling, that I marred him so. 

These facial progressions are from the movie "The Passion."  I thought it was so interesting to see the makeup that portrayed the progressional beating of Jesus.  But, I don't think that they even got it one hundred percent correct.  Isaiah tells us in 52:14 that "his face was so disfigured that he seemed hardly human, and from his appearance, one would scarcely know he was a man." 

I can't quite get over it.

My sin did this.

This is the baby that came for all the world.  He loves deeply and infinitely and completely.  Rest in that love.  See Him fresh.  He came to make you beautiful.  Breathe deeply and inhale Him. 

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