Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gathering Around the Table

Sometimes it is the simple things but I guess they are really the big things.  The older I get, the more thankful I am that we can all gather around the table, this year with an extra little fella!  We all cooked and cooked and enjoyed a mighty feast including smoked turkey, mmm.  Along with the traditional chocolate, pumpkin, and pecan, "impossible pie" made an appearance, which stole my tastebuds away.
After stuffing our faces, we sat on the huge couch while Kirby dug out his guitar.  We found a couple of hymn books and sang til our Nana was smiling ear to ear.  I am pretty much in my happy place when I get to hear my Mom sing.  Combine that with the words of old hymns, and my heart was just oozing thankfulness.
After all the festivities and feasting, I decided I was going to do something for the first time...hit a few stores on Black Friday.  I don't get to shop often enough with Amelia, so this was our ticket to a little fun!  I was abhorred and fascinated all at the same time.  I made it until midnight, which is a feat in itself. Even without coffee!
I hated all the grabbing and materialism and crowds and seeing BABIES out who were needing their beds!  But I did love making memories with my sister, finding a dressy wool coat for $59 marked down from $200, and realizing that I can say no to other things even if they are a good bargain.
Because, in the end, the gathering around the table is what really matters.

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