Friday, January 17, 2014

8 months

Eight months old.  I keep thinking he has stolen my heart completely but everyday he steals a little more.  Asher seems to know that he can now make us laugh so he does the most adorable things to get our attention.  I just love love love the 8-10 month age because they really start to develop their little personalities.  Everywhere we go, people comment about what a happy baby he is which makes my heart smile since his name reflects that.
8 month things I want to remember:
*Eating eating eating.  Loves cereal, puffs, veggies, fruit, and Cheerios.  Not a fan yet of real foods...doesn't care for the texture.  Still nursing but gets distracted and just doesn't seem that interested anymore.  (sniff.)
*Loves I mean LOVES his brothers.  He reaches for them, laughs at them, and loves it when they will sit and play with him. 
*On a great schedule.  Sleeps 8pm-7 am, naps 9-11, and naps 1-3. It means I have a one hour break from 11:30-12:30 to run errands with him, but we make it work.
*Doesn't seem to mind loud noises like basketball games.  Loves to people watch and now is starting to reach for people.  (He wasn't a fan of Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, though.  The chef about scared him to death while banging his utensils together and starting a huge fire!)
*Seems to have a propensity toward ear infections...already has had 2.
*Babbles and talks...
*Loves to take off his socks so he can chew on his socks and have better access to his feet.
*Is not a fan of the playpen or types of confinement, but we make him do it because we believe in boundaries.
*He still won't clap his hands which is so frustrating. 
*He stares right through you which reminds us of Cade as a baby.
*He pulls up on everything but can't stand on his own.
*He loves to head snuggle or reach in for a kiss or hug.
*He is really happy all the time and smiles at everything.
*He loves bathtime. I need to graduate him from the sink to the tub, but the sink is so convenient!
*Has 2 bottom teeth.
*Gets really tickled when he sees himself in the mirror.
*The church nursery workers call him the bully or bulldog.  (Kind of makes me sad!)  I was in there one Sunday.  He isn't mean, he is just all up in everyone's business.  The boy has three older brothers, what can I say?
*He certainly is a truckload of love. Our hearts spilleth over...

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