Thursday, January 30, 2014

Remembering His Heart

Perhaps it is my greatest spiritual struggle.  Remembering the Father's affection towards me.  It really makes no sense at all.  I have loving parents and grew up in church.  But for whatever reason, this is where the enemy strikes.  He really doesn't love you, you know.  When I choose to listen to that voice, it is such a slap at Calvary and all that Christ did for me.

It has been my focal prayer for the year.  Let me know your love for me, God. 

Because deep down, my brain knows it, but my heart sometimes won't get on board.

I want to drown in that love.  I want to trust it at all times.  I want to feel it.

As you progress in your walk with Jesus, you become aware of areas where you are weak.  For me, I know of certain books that will help me get back on track in my thoughts and self perception.

They are a trio, one recently added.  I know I can always pick up one of these three books and remember that I am beloved.

You are beloved.

A Hero heard our cries of desperation.  Sought us out.  Knew all along that the only way to rescue and redeem would be to die. For me. For you.

That is love.

These books remind me of my secure identity in the grand drama that is still unfolding.

1.  The Sacred Romance

2.  Abba's Child

3.  The Return of the Prodigal Son

Perhaps your heart will enjoy them as well.

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