Friday, June 27, 2014

Sweet 16

There should be a medal or something for making it to 16 years of marriage.  At least another wedding shower. I could use new towels!  Funny to think I am still using my original pots, pans, and potholders! 

We got tickled last night at what things had to go soon after we married.  I married young and thought that cooking consisted of hamburger helper.  (Or tuna helper...can't believe he stayed with me, ya'll!) We also laughed at what has stayed around.  Other than the pots and pans, poppyseed chicken still makes its appearance!

Our first home was brand new and cost a whopping $63,000.  We recently had to buy a new minivan and spent something way too close to that number.  Amazing what 16 years does to inflation!  I can remember being able to go to the store and get a few things that would last us a week for only $25.  Now, I can't even do that for $100.  (We'll blame that on a bunch of kiddos, not just inflation!)

Our first months of marriage were pretty much bliss.  Then reality set in.  My husband didn't lay in bed and talk at night.  (gasp!)  I was pretty much doped up on awful birth control pills that made me half crazy.  Anyway, I would lay there in bed and listen to him snore and pray that God would make him sensitive to me and wake up and talk. I would get madder and madder and finally storm myself into the kitchen that was about two steps away.  I would plop myself down by the fridge and stare at the moon and wonder if things (you know, my husband's selfishness!!!) would ever get better.

I laugh at those days now.  Being married awhile teaches you that you should get to know your mate a bit before you lay crazy expectations on them.  I learned that Eric isn't a night person.  He's a morning person (oh the horror!!!)  and expecting him to talk at night was simply an unreasonable request.

Today, he agrees not to overwhelm me with information in the morning and I agree to not do it at night.

There are things through the years that have had to go other than just hamburger helper. I had to release some bitterness and Eric had to release some things as well.  Marriage is a constant surrender in trying to love your spouse as Jesus does.  Unconditionally. 

Happy Sweet 16! 

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