Thursday, August 28, 2014

Favorite Reads

I have a few favorite blogs I enjoy right now and would love to share them with you!

The first is my friend Anna's blog.  She has a brand new site that screams "cozy" and "adorable!"  Anna is passionate about homeschooling, good food, creating a peaceful home, and Jesus.  She is a true encourager and I always leave her blog feeling a little bit lighter.  You can find Little Oak Table here!

The second is my friend Catherine's blog.  I used to show livestock with her husband, David, back in the daaaaay.  They have four children and live as missionaries in Malawi.  It is always fun to visit her site and see how others live.  I dare you to hop on over there and see if your gratefulness for running water doesn't rise to the surface! You can find her at Our Mustard Seed Life.

The last is my sister in law, Kelli's new site.  You used to laugh with her over at Minivans are Hot, but now she is at Kelli Stuart. If you are a creative, then this site is for you.  She is great at encouraging others to pursue their creative dreams and visions.  Although already a published author, she just released her first e-book called 30 Days to Becoming a Writer.  Click on the title to buy the e-book!

What is your favorite blog right now?


Catherine said...

ahhh, thank so much for the "shout-out" Becke! I enjoy reading your blog as well, as you have a gift with words and always point to Jesus!

Little Oak Table said...

Becke', you are so sweet! Thanks for the blog lovin'. I added Catherine and Kelli to my blogroll! Yesterday I figured out how to update my feed and it is really cool to be able to go to my blogroll and see all of the updated posts!!! Love you friend!