Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Her 31st

Happy birthday sassy sister of mine.  31 years old.  You are moving right up there into your thirties as I inch and crawl my way out of mine. Asher and I sat in our rocker this morning and sang happy birthday to you.  He clapped with joy at the end. 

I sit here with shivers and goosebumps as I feel the presence of the Lord.  I know He has enveloped you into his strong arms on this day and told you how glad He is that He created you.  You bring Him such delight and joy. All is forgiven.  All is restored. 

Please tell me what you do with all your days?  Do you glance at the Father and at this world and wonder how much longer He will tarry until He sets all things right?  Does your spirit explode with unhindered passion and joy now that you fully comprehend His fierce love for you?

I decided to kick start our Operation Christmas Child shopping in honor of your birthday.  Clothes and flip flops and 24 count colors-of-the-rainbow filled our buggy as I said prayers over the children that would be receiving the small gifts.  You always hands-on-loved the little ones that needed boogers wiped, enveloping hugs and morsels of food. You would have loved this ministry whose chief goal is to satisfy the starving soul.

Just wanted you to know you are never forgotten. 

And always missed.

Consider yourself hugged.

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