Wednesday, October 1, 2014

See God {Day 1: The God Who Courts Your Soul}

31 days of seeing God fresh. Clearly.  31 days of tasting His delicious goodness.  Let's see just how affectionate He is towards you, sweet one.  31 days.  Let's ask for eyes to see. It is a prayer God delights in answering. (Day 1 is below the picture and the rest of the 31 days will be added directly below for your ease!)

Day 2:  The God of Compassion
Day 3:  The God who Hems us in
Day 4:  The God who Welcomes us Home
Day 5:  The God of Refuge
Day 6:  God the Potter
Day 7:  God of Rest
Day 8:  The God who Delights in Creating Man in His Own Image
Day 9:  The God of Conquest
Day 10: The God of Jacob
Day 11:  The God who Sings
Day 12:  The God who Plants Seeds
Day 13:  The God who Helps Each One
Day 14:  God and the Gate
Day 15:  The God who Cherishes the Fetus
Day 16:  God our Stone
Day 17:  The God of Rain
Day 18:  The God of Intricate Details
Day 19:  When God's Mercy Triumphs over Judgment
Day 20:  The God with Beautiful Timing
Day 21:  God and Ditches
Day 22:  God and the Banqueting Table
Day 23:  God of Generations
Day 24:  God and His Enemy
Day 25:  God of Progress
Day 26:  When God's Daughter Pray
Day 27:  God's Grace for the Pilgrimage
Day 28:  Jesus and His First Miracle
Day 29:  What to do when God is Silent
Day 30:  Even the Bitter Becomes Sweet
Day 31:  How God Sees You

He is the God who courts your soul. Yes, yours.

He takes her out of Egypt.  He strips the yoke of slavery from her wrists, but He doesn't stop there.  He continues to peel off layer by layer of customs that He refuses to be known by.  He takes her by the hand and leads her into the wilderness, where the distractions will be few and where He will have to be enough.

She writhes under His touch.  Her spirit is still angry that He had to do things this way.  Sure, she wanted to know Him, but it was supposed to be on her terms, which meant choice foods and comfortable shelter.  She had dreamed of the day of her rescue, but now that it has come, she mocks Him and tells Him that He could have done things differently.

She doesn't understand that she has entered into a place of intimacy that will be shared with the very One who courts her soul.  It is a honeymoon of sorts, where He will allow her to see the real Him.  He will gently teach her how to love Him.  Adore Him.  Trust Him.

Despite her anger, she starts to see His beauty.  He has provided for her.  He hasn't left her to herself in the ravaged landscape.  There hasn't been a day where she has been discarded or forgotten.  She starts to peer into His heart and she discovers mercy instead of wrath.  But, she is still wary of His chisel, the one that chips away at her stone-hard heart.

Her heart is a mixture of love and distrust.  How can both reside in her innermost frame?  She warily trusts Him enough to allow the chisel once again, and over time, He chips away the layers of her dead heart.  The pain is excruciating, but the sense of relief and wholeness that she feels afterwards makes it worthwhile. 

The Carpenter keeps hacking away at the awkwardly shaped heart of stone until one day, He finds what He was looking for...the innermost and purest part of His one true love.  He gently cradles it in His hands, breathes on it, and laughs out loud when rays of light start to bind up the jagged edges marked by His refiner's tool.

She is blinded by the light.  Could it be?  Beauty starts to emanate from every crevice.  Glory!  Does someone hear her?  Know her?  Love her?

The wilderness has allowed her to trust.  Her heart softens when His voice (that she has so desperately and shockingly started to crave) speaks.  She starts to recognize that she was created for this one love Him and be loved by Him.

She gazes into His pure eyes and tells Him she will go wherever He leads.  The mere thought of even momentarily being out of His embrace is enough to undo her.

So He takes her by the hand.

And she follows, this time with joyful and complete abandon.

{God hears you.  God knows you.  God loves you.  Allow Him to take off any blinders and reveal His true self. He wants to court your soul.  Welcome to 31 days of seeing God. I am so glad you are here.  Love, Becke'}

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