Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Even Jesus Asked for Help

Last night, a sweet friend and her three girls stormed my house with arms full of wrapping paper and gift bags. They helped me wrap my gifts, Barbara's gifts, and Eric's Grandmother's gifts.  What would have taken me three (kicking and screaming) days, took us one single hour. 

It was amazing, the feeling of blessing when I actually said "yes" to someone's offer of help.

We are in a season of being worn out.  We are emotionally drained and it doesn't help that all the hustle and bustle of Christmas is piled onto our to-do lists.

I have been praying for a season of rest. My motor is making all kinds of sputtering noises.

For whatever reason, it is hard for me to accept help or (gasp!) go and ask for it.  I don't think it is pride...I've known for years I don't have it all together, ha!  I think it is that I know that others are swamped with their own ache and to-do lists and I hate to infringe upon them.  When people ask what they can do, it isn't like I am going to say, ummm, can you come clean my shower or better yet, can you come feed my army of men for one evening.  I just don't have it in me, so I politely say we are doing fine.

Hence, the exhaustion.

God showed me something today.

Jesus got tired and weary. 

Jesus asked for help.

In John chapter 4, He had been traveling from Judea and was on his way to Galilee.  Weary from all the walking, he sat down.  He allowed himself to take a break. He was fully human and he simply couldn't take another step.  A woman approached the well he was sitting by and he said, "Give me a drink."

If Jesus is the living water and it is ok for him to ask for a drink of water, then maybe it is alright for me to ask for help as well.

If you are burned out or emotionally drained and don't have it in you to complete your to-do list, then consider asking for help.  I am learning that I am keeping others from the joy of giving when I politely turn them down.

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