Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The 2014 Wrap-Up

Every December, I force myself to look back over my blog posts of the year for one purpose:  to remember who God was to me during the year.  This year was a hard one.  In May, we found ourselves driving to Texas for my Uncle Jay's funeral.  He died of stage 4 lung cancer.  On the way down there, Eric received a call from his parents saying they found a spot on his lung.  At that point, we were praying it was simply a piece of food that had been aspirated.  June 2nd proved otherwise; Eric's beloved Dad had stage 4 lung cancer as well.  The year has been a battle to say the least.  We are bloody and beaten down from this war called cancer but we aren't forsaken.  Our God walks with us in the heartache.  This much we know.

These posts are the ones that have weight and keep bouncing around in my heart. I simply repost them to remember who God is and who he has created me to be.  Maybe you will be blessed as well...

1.  Hungry (My word for the year...)

2.  The Book Without a Name, Any Name (If you have ever wondered just where God is...)

3.  Assaulting the Image of God (God's mission for people begins in the womb!)

4.  What do We do When All We Have Left is Rubble?  (How do we proceed when our hearts are fragmented?)

5.  Finding the Light (How to go forward with bad news.)

6.  37.  The Saddest Birthday Ever.  (The details of the cancer and our decision to praise God anyway.)

7.  Watching (How to surrender your dreams and desires and watch to see what God does with them.)

8.  Mud (He knows our frame.)

9.  Crashing Waves (We are going into the sea but He holds us.)

10.  The Persecution of Jesus Himself (To persecute Christians is to persecute Christ Himself.)

11.  When Sovereignty is all that Remains (Is God being God enough for us?)

12.  The Tribulum (Being ripped up, bit by bit.)

13.  See God (This link takes you to 31 days of "Seeing God.")

14.  Even the Bitter Becomes Sweet (On being hungry and how to behold Him.)

15.  When the Enemy Tries to Change Your Name (God has a name for you that only He knows.)

16.  The Kingdom of Heaven, Hand in Hand (Prayer is important enough to sacrifice for.)

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