Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day!

Snow beats ice!  Today was Asher's first day to play in the snow!!!  He loved it! I love a good snow day...

*Our 11 year old Golden Retriever morphs back into a puppy.  She loves snow more than anything in the world!
*I love the bright chaotic colorful mixture of snow hats and gloves and coats.
*Fires and hot chocolate.
*Snow pictures! (Although I really miss our old backyard and camellias that were always in bloom during winter!)
*Movies and slight obsessions with new shows I have never seen like "24".
*Soup, soup, soup!
*Not having to make my bed.
*A sense that all is right in the world...a brief indulgence.
*Staying up late and sleeping in.
*Baked goodies like streusel cake and chocolate no bake cookies.
*No schedule or appointments or sports or pick up lines.

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