Tuesday, September 29, 2015


That’s it!  I’m taking an ad out in the classifieds.  I’ll keep it short and sweet to keep the cost down.  LOST!  MIND HAS BEEN SCATTERED TO THE FOUR CORNERS!  PLEASE HELP FIND THE PIECES!  REWARD AVAILABLE!

I always joked with Eric that every kid along the way got 25% of my brain.  We always contemplated having that 4th because we knew I would be running on pure fumes for the rest of my days.  We were kind of kidding, but the truth is that running a large family, a business, and a home church/small group is excruciatingly exhausting, a slow murder of beautiful brain cells.

The laundry piles high and the pound cake needs to be made and the floors must be vacuumed and I can’t tell you the last time I mopped…maybe months ago…and the kid needs to get to soccer and the other kid outgrew his soccer cleats (again) and the oldest needs to make a special trip to Hendrix library and who knows what the toddler is doing (someone find the toddler!) and prayers need to be prayed because nations and marriages and families are crumbling and photos need to be edited and can I just get a deep drag of that thing called oxygen?  

Perhaps one of my greatest fears as I get older is that I will lose my mind.  Whether to short memory loss or Alzheimer’s, I worry that I’ll be the shell that I once was, locked into some white-walled disinfected asylum, forgotten by the world.

This fear crept closer as I welcomed a new couple into our home, thinking I had never laid eyes on them before.  The next week, I saw the man in the place that I had actually not just met before, but talked with before, and I was floored at my inability to have remembered his face or name. 

What is wrong with me?

My favorite Veggie Tales line is,

Give me umption in my gumption,

 help me function-function-function
Give me umption in my gumption, I pray (hallelujah!)
Give me umption in my gumption,

 help me function-function-function
Help me function 'til the break of day!

 Who knew I would succumb to praying Veggie Tale songs?

His strength, my weakness.  His strength, my weakness.  His strength, my weakness.  Maybe God’s glory is shining through after all.

All prayers welcome to keep this mind going-going-going for the cause of family and Savior.

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