Thursday, October 22, 2015

Asher {2 years 6 months}

I just didn't know how fast the days would go with the 4th born.  You would have thought I would have understood, having three before him, but it seems time is moving faster and faster.  I wish I could capture his lil' cheeks and made up words and put them in a bottle.  Asher is the sweetest thing, even for a two year old.  {That's not saying he won't poop in the bathwater or create a disaster zone out of his mass amounts of animals!}  He loves life and he makes us love it a little more, as well. 
Two years and six months.  Goodness, where's the Kleenex box?  There are some things I want to hold onto...
*Loves to sing.  His fave song is "Hallelu Hallelu Hallelu Hallelujah!  Praise ye the LORD!"  Of course, we thought for weeks he was going around the house saying, "Hide yo crazy, boy!"  Praise Ye can sound quite akin to Crazy!
*Entered the world of make believe.  His favorite little figurines are Elmo, Grover, Snuffy, and Big Bird, but he also loves all things animal...stuffed or plastic.
*Picky Eater.  Still.  Sigh.  Unless it's fruit, then he can't get enough.
*In big boy bed.  Bottom bunk and sharing a room with Sam.  Works well until 6 am every morning when he is up because his brothers are.  :(
*Still naps about 2 hours everyday.  (Praise Ye the LORD)
*Super tall for his age, wearing 4T in shirts because his torso is so long.
*He's hard to say 'no' to's either because I'm old and tired or because he's super adorable and cute.
*He loves to kick the soccer ball around, shoot hoops in his little goal, slide, and play catch.
*Books.  Still obsessed. We climb into his bottom bunk with mass amounts until I convince him it's naptime.
*He's the best mannered person in our whole family...almost always says please and thank you!
*Social.  Tells people hi and bye wherever we go. (Sometimes this embarrasses Cade which really cracks me up.)
*Loves Kroger and Target. (Maybe because we spend half our days at these places!)
*Likes to try to color and likes sticker books.
*Hates shoes.  Would rather not wear them.  Like ever.
*Still not interested in potty training. (I'm still trying to figure out how to potty train a kid that has to be on the go and in the car all the time!)
*Hates it when he drops off his, youth group, sports...he sighs with frustration and screams, Ahhhh!!!
*Knows some letters and counts starting with 8:  8, 9, 10, 18!!!  (Who needs 1-7 anyway?)
*Loves order and for things to be in the right place.  Dislikes being dirty. Tries to help the older boys fold clothes and unload the dishwasher.
*When I tell him to do something specific, he looks at me and holds up his toy and says, "I wanna play."  Stinker almost gets away with it.
*Prayer Warrior.  Obsessed with praying multiple times at the dinner table.
*Happy happy happy.  Our little double portion of joy.

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