Monday, January 25, 2016

The Waking Toddler

Ear infection after ear infection. One round of tubes was not sufficient, so back to surgery we go tomorrow.  I wonder if Asher ever feels well.  Can he even hear, this constant state of feeling like he is in the ocean as the fluid rises and rises?

I'm in my rocker, soaking up God's words as I hear his door open.  He is his Momma, needing a little time to wake up.  He runs to my ever open arms and finds his spot under the nook of my chin.  I have older children.  I know these sacred moments are fleeting.  I slowly inhale his Johnson's and Johnson's hair and will him to stay this age forever.

He nestles in and I hold on for all I am worth as we rock, me giving love pats to his squishy hind parts.

Love bursts from every pore and each hard memory of poop in the tub, defiant No's and toys askew fades into oblivion.

God made us Mommas to love hard.

Love hard, we will.


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