Monday, January 25, 2016

Whiter than Snow

{I wrote about this on Saturday, but wanted to get it on the blog, as well.}

All this quiet.

Snow covers the ground like a fluffy blanket of fresh mercy.  The fire silently offers each flame, a sure promise of Your never ending Presence.

Outside, I see a cross nailed into mortar.  Amazing Grace, indeed. 

I feel like I did back in 1998, January through June, as I was longing for my groom.  Betrothed and sealed as his, I was ready to wake up to his smell.  I wanted his kiss to be the last thing I tasted as I drifted into dreams. 

I feel that now, with You, Lord.

You purchased me, and I long to see Your face. 

Will tears make their way down my cheeks as I behold perfect, audacious love?

Will I start laughing and never be able to stop?

Will I simply lie against Your chest, capturing the cadence of a heart that withheld nothing in order to bring me to this place?

I am Your Bride.

My insides are giddy in anticipation of what You’ve prepared for me.  You died for me.  I’ll never lose the wonder.

Do You long for me like I long for you?

Father, please send Your Son to gather up the elect…to gather His Bride…to gather me!

Please delight me.  Ring the wedding bells.

I felt so heavy Friday afternoon.  Some weight had settled onto my frame, causing restlessness and sorrow.  Not a thing in the world was wrong and I was looking forward to some much needed time away.  Why the ache, Lord?

Winter storm Jonas was making landfall in Washington D.C. and the East coast.  Over two feet of snow fell hard and fast.  The name “Jonas” can mean “destroyer.”  It can also mean “sign.”  I think about its variation of the Hebrew name, Jonah, and how this prophet was sent to warn the evil people of Nineveh of imminent destruction.  Jonah’s message was simple:  repent or be overthrown.  Shockingly, everyone from ruler down to slave believed God and turned to their Maker in mourning and repentance.

God is always longing to be merciful.  He is always sending signs to grab our attention.  His mercy is boundless. He will do whatever it takes to wake us up before time runs out.  Even through a blizzard.

He thunders through each perfect, spotless flake.

This can be you.  I can make you whiter than snow. Allow me to wash you in my crimson and remove every single impurity.  I long for you to be mine. Won’t you repent?”

Do you long for Him like He longs for you?

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