Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eli's fishing day

Eli won the fishing trip from his teacher.  He read the most pages outside of class and got to go fishing.  Just he and his teacher.  He woke up bright eyed at 6:30 ready for her to come and steal him away for a few hours.  He then brought home the loot.  

 I decided to give our dog some TLC today.  We started with giving her a really good bath.  After she was completely dry, we used a defurminator brush on her.  Then, I got a little scissor happy and cut away some of her thick hair and extra long shaggies.  She may or may not look like a homeless dog with mange on one side where my scissor happiness combined with her constant movement.  Here was my loot for the day:
Now I smell like a mixture of fish, dog, and human sweat.  yum.

lunch anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Where's the before and after picture of Savannah? Congratulations Eli! I know you had a great time. Enjoy those fish for dinner.