Sunday, June 26, 2011

Key West

What a whirlwind of a week.  In the span of 8 days, I managed a quick trip to the Florida Keys, flew home to see part of Eli's baseball tournament, rushed around to do laundry, left the next morning to go decorate for Amelia's reception, and get her married off.  WHEW.  It was fun, but I am ready to sit and breathe a second. 

So, grab a chair and I'll tell you all about Key West, which is the most southern island of the Florida Keys.  Eric had to meet with a client down there and he let me tag along since I am a sucker for anything that might resemble a beach.  Truth be told, Key West was a big let down.  The food was overpriced and not that spectacular.  It is a very anti-family vacation spot.  It isn't a place that we would ever want our kids to visit.
One restaurant didn't even serve sweet tea.  {I know, gasp, right?!}  The "spiritual air" felt very oppressive and there was a lot of blatant sin around to prove the creepy feelings I had inside.

All that said, the actual island of Key West is historic and quaint and fun to photograph.  It is only 2 miles by 4 miles big, and the old homes are just fantastic.  The sad part is that with such a small island, there isn't a lot of good beach space.  So, we felt cramped onto the shore along with tons of others...and the seaweed stunk to high heaven.

So....I am not trying to be negative.  I ALWAYS enjoy getting away for a few days!  I am just saying that Gulf Shores wins hands down.

Here are some of the fun photo memories...

This is Mango.  He was inside of the taxi cab to welcome us.  His cage and everything was in there. 

 The hammock will get a post all to itself.  {sigh}
 This was the largest "beach" we could find.
 The island is so small that everyone has bikes and mopads.

 At times, I felt like we had been thrown back into a different decade.  Everything seemed to march to a different beat than in the mainland...and it was as if time had stood still for a few decades.

 This picture makes me laugh.  Out loud.  Love this man of mine.
 Key Lime Pie Ice Cream?  Well, I think I will, thank you!

 A little weird to think that we were closer to Cuba than Miami.

 Shrimp and grits was our best meal...but boy, howdy was it rich!!!
Next post:  Hammocks!

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Kim said...

You look beautiful as always! Eric is so blessed! Your pictures are really great. And I totally agree with the hammock. I always say, "Give me a good book, some sweet tea, and a hammock and I'm a happy girl." :) Glad you survived all the busyness and fun. Can't wait to hear (and see pics) about the wedding!