Monday, November 21, 2011

A Grateful Heart

Desperate for a big gulp of joy, I have been recording the small things this year that have brought a smile to my face.  Isn't God the God of all gifts?  Some just come in smaller packages.  Some just take a little grace to really see.

Here are some of my favorites from the year...

1. Long threads of weeping willow dancing to the rhythm of grace
2.  Games of tic tac toe played with the youngest while in the pick up line
3.  The peaceful dance of rain on the windshield
4.  The hilarity of me trying to text
5.  Dark chocolate laced with almonds
6.  A cookout among good friends...sharing burgers, struggles, fears, and dreams.  Being able to celebrate when our definition of good actually matches up with God's
7.  White pants that still fit after 5 years
8.  God's ever-working in our lives
9.  Skill to do my sister's bridal portraits
10.  Pride that wells up when I watch Cade pitch
11.  Finally being with Mom on Mother's Day
12.  Siblings finding their true loves
13.  Sonic Cherry Lime-aids
14.  Wooden picket fence adorned with pink roses
15.  Boys racing on fresh cut moonlit grass in their jammies...without a care in the world
16.  A sister who persevered through college during a hard phase of grief
17.  A blown transformer...forcing me to sit with You
18.  Different versions of the Word to savor and enjoy
19.  Fat drops of rain that dare to fall while the sun shines away
20.  Having lived long enough and suffered enough to have the pages of my heart lined with the words:  "Jesus is Peace."
21.  No car debt
22.  Boys can talk about Jesus at school
23.  You have loved me from everlasting...I can't quite wrap my brain around that...but it makes my heart so happy
24.  Comfort of an heirloom quilt straight from the dryer
25.  You always give what is right
26.  No matter where home is, You are my impregnable castle, you are my fortress
27.  Boys bathed in afternoon light while making up swim games in the jacuzzi
28.  You have placed all my tears in your bottle
29.  You allow us to freely sacrifice to You...out of a heart of gratitude not legalism
30.  The smell of a gardenia bush in full bloom
31.  Fresh herbs
32.  Sam praising God on my birthday that I am finally 14 years old!
33.  A new sister with bright red hair, thick lashes, and a zest for life
34.  The smell of water sprouting from the garden hose during summer
35.  Husband getting to see China, Finland, and London
36.  Ivy gracing an old chapel
37.  Barefoot flower girls
38.  A groom's tears
39.  Goats in the getaway vehicle
40.  I am your Hephzibah...Your delight is in me
41.  Being able to look forward to the future with my husband
42.  Hope
43.  Treating a family to see a movie
44. Rain...the promise of former and latter rain
45.  Pool party with friends
46.  You make crooked places straight
47.  I am part of a Kingdom that cannot be moved or shaken
48.  Clean sheets for all
49.  Tickling the oldest
50.  Treasures of darkness stored in the secret places
51.  Craving You
52.  Constant friendships that span time
53.  Suds and smiles erupt at the front yard car wash
54.  Shalom
55.  Washing the feet of your daughters
56.  After a drought, watching the rain and lightning on my parent's back porch while all the rest slept away
57.  No allergies or dietary restrictions in our family
58.  Trees that sway to grace notes
59.  Grace to see the grace all around
60. You turn the Valley of Achor into a door of hope
61.  Final rent house sold
62,  A friend's ultrasound...sweetest cheeks I have ever laid eyes on
63.  Whatever is right is weighted with your glory and has staying power
64.  Ministry of Pitza 42
65.  transformation a can of spray paint can bring
66.  childhood memories
67.  solitude by the lake
68.  chazaq---to be of good courage and to take my beautiful confirmation
69.  a return of laughter
70.  Satan is vanquished

I think the Word is right...when we pause to rejoice (even if we don't feel like it) it brings us tremendous joy.

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