Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Sam got to celebrate twice...the first time he dressed up as a fireman for his community helper parade at school.  The parade is always a riot...you can tell the personality of each child just by watching them walk around the gym.  

 Halloween night:  enter 5 pm and Eli still hadn't told me what he wanted to be.  This was good news because it meant I didn't have to spend a dime on a costume.  It was also bad news because on-the-spot creativity is not my thing.  But, I think God was on my side.  Eli decided he was going to be a Zookeeper (duh, it has to do with animals) so we grabbed khaki shorts, brown shirt, tall boot socks, brown boots, a talking macaw parrot to carry around and an official Zookeeper sign and he was good to go.  whew.

 Cade went as a Razorback football player and Sam as Superman.  We "shopped" a neighborhood and then helped Papa and BeBe pass out candy at their house since our neighborhood never gets any trick or treaters.  Sam thoroughly enjoyed passing out candy to everyone.  If people had scary masks on, he would make them take it off so he could see their real faces (and be assured of no nightmares!)

On a spiritual note, Halloween always creeps me out a little bit.  I had the most random things go wrong all day long and the boys were abnormally mean to one another.  Eric was out of town, so I was praying even harder all day long.  Call me crazy, but I told those boys that we are in a spiritual war and Satan is even more active on this day because there is nothing about Halloween that points to our Savior. 

What are your thoughts about Halloween?

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kelli said...

We read all about the history of Halloween yesterday and talked about how it's origins actually are Christian. We talked about All Hallows Eve and All Saints Day and what it meant to be a matyr for the faith. We read about Stephen in the Bible and how God used what was meant for evil to be to His glory. I told the kids how trick or treating started and dressing up and we talked about how people have started to make Halloween a scary holiday when it doesn't need to be. It was fun to talk with the kids about ways that we can show God through Halloween. We talked about the carving of pumpkins and how God clean all the muck of our own sin out and lit us up from the inside with His love. It was fun to be able to chew through the holiday some with the kids and show them how to point to Christ even in a time that doesn't seem to point to Him. I hate how Halloween has been warped. I wish it wasn't such a creep fest. :/