Monday, October 31, 2011

The Racer

I just can't tell you how amazing Saturday was!  It was truly a dream come true for Eric.  He had started running only 14 months prior and could barely make it once around our park's gravel track.  He persevered, stuck with it, and absolutely shocked me...he can now run for two and a half hours straight...or 13.1 miles, baby!!!  He participated in the half marathon that promotes Soaring Wings Ranch.

The boys and I helped man the aid station at mile marker 10.5.  Here we have our first runner, very Kenyan, and at this mile marker in only 1 hour.  A-MA-ZING!

 The boys made a sign for their Daddy...we asked Sam what he wanted on it...and he went with Go Daddy!  Daddy Win!!  Daddy Win!!

 Tiff and Jen
 Watching the race is always high never know what you are going to see!

 Here he is...stopping for the very first time!
 I am so proud of this man, I just am floored at his accomplishment!
 Here are some of my other favorite runners!

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Kim said...

A big congrats to Eric!!! Way to go. :)